Stories of Hawaii

Self-Guided Driving Tour

Post-Arrival Marketing Comparables: Magazines

What it Means to Customers

A GPS-based Tour experience

& useful Drive Book

Maps and mostly ads with some articles

How Customers Use the Product


Customers rent a GPS to use it. They rely on it for directions and information.


How Customers Find Your Business

 Multiple Impressions

 1) Audio notifies customer when nearby

 2) GPS Menu - Address & Phone

 3) Highlighted on Drive Book

Ads and maps

Relevancy to customers

We highlight and recommend the best way to visit your business in the context of customers’ experience for the entire day

Irrelevant or disjointed placement of ads to customers' experience

Limited opportunity


With best driving experience in mind, we offer limited opportunity to sponsors to maintain quality.


Anyone willing to pay may be featured.


To provide the highest quality of Driving Tour experience for customers

Produced primarily for advertisement

Monthly Report

We provide monthly reports with real customers from our partners that include:

1) Total GPS in use 

2) Total GPS rental days

3) Total unique customers who used Driving Tour*

4) Total unique customers who used Drive Book*

No report, or limited to number of circulation distributed

Per Impression Rate

         $0.07-$0.16 per unique customer

  (GPS, print, audio, strategic location, 3 languages) 

$0.05 - $0.10 (full page print)