Targeted Marketing Approach

Strong Focus on Asian Customers

With distribution through 8 major car rentals and Asian travel agencies, the Stories of Hawaii Drive Book is given to every Japanese & Korean customer and a strong Asian Driving Tour user-base that effectively target the Asian customers who drive.

Location-based Marketing

Have customers learn about your business as they approach and prior to arrival; thus, helping pique their interest to make a stop and visit your location.

Bring Your Story to Life

Impress customers with a unique story of about your business that entices them to experience it for themselves. Choose to target your message based on languages, time of the day, family, age groups, interested activities and more.

Itinerary-based Tour Routes

Sponsors are featured in the 5 Tour Itineraries in the Drive Book - a companion item to the Driving Tour. Itineraries help customers plan out their whole day and gets recommendations on how and when to visit our sponsors and destinations.

Sponsorship Features

1. Featured story in Driving Tour

We will produce a story of your business relevant to customer’s experience and help you make a strong impression to literally bring them to your door.

2. Highlight in Drive Book

Drive Book is effective to help your business get noticed at the trip planning stage. Sponsors get highlighted in the itinerary and highlights of the day. Customers know how to reach your location and what they to expect beforehand.

3. English, Japanese and Korean

We will produce your story in the Driving Tour and highlight in the Drive Book in 3 languages, helping you reachhelping you reach more customers with high effectiveness

4. Strategic Location

With GPS technology, your story can be placed and played at the best location to make a strong impression.

5. Listed as a Popular Place in GPS

We will include your business on the Popular Place listing in GPS with your phone #, hours of operation and other information. Customers can easily find you without having to type in your address or search.

Annual Oahu User Count & Demography

Through our 8 major car rental partners at 14 locations in Oahu, our Tour is used by an estimated of 100,000 customers annually in Oahu. With estimated demography of 50% Japanese, 30% English and 20% Korean.


Learn more about our customer statistics and demography by visiting our customer page.

Monthly Sponsorship Report

One feature that makes our Sponsorship stands out from other media is that we provide solid distribution to real customers with an engaging tour experience.

As a sponsor, you will receive a monthly report that details the following information.

  •      1) Total number of GPS in operation
  •      2) Total number of Drive Books circulated
  •      3) Total Customer GPS Rental Days with our car rental partners
  •      4) Number of Unique Customers (based on average rental days)
  •      5) List of locations distributed